Nowadays the packaging that is used for many products is more ecologically friendly. The world has started to pay a lot of attention the fact that there is a serious problem with pollution and global warming in this day and age. There is a huge amount of animosity towards companies which neglect to dedicate any of their time to helping out in the fight to reduce waste. One of the latest trends to emerge in the packaging world is the tendency for companies to use recycled, or greed friendly packaging on their products, and to let their customers know about it. Custom packaging companies such as,, have started to create a lot more packaging options for their clients which use recycled materials. The numbers show that the majority of young consumers (18 to 30) will buy a product just because it has a green friendly packaging design, if their decision comes down to two like product in which one does not state that they have an green friendly package. The use of plastics is also becoming quickly unpopular with packaging companies, as plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose, and so other more organic materials are now being used. A research team in California has been doing experiments with a new kind of clear rubber material that could one day replace many of the plastic components used in packaging designs.

Another thing which has changed a lot in the field of custom packaging has been the warning labels. The country has been becoming increasingly concerned over consumer safety in the last two decades, and that has led to much stricter guidelines for what a package must present on their warning labels. The most common warning label which most everyone knows is the warning of a choking hazard. The choking hazard label was introduced in the late 60’s as a response to the hundreds of children who were choking on small plastic parts each year. There are also new warning labels that tell consumers if the products they eat have certain ingredients which can cause allergic reactions in some, or if the products have a high level of sugar or fat, as the concern for public health issues has also been on the rise. Product packaging must also have very clearly stated labels that tell when a product goes bad, as the health codes have become much more stringent in recent years.

Another big change in retail custom packaging has been the switch from large packaging companies that once created packaging for huge numbers of different product, to the smaller firms that create a more custom packaging design for a smaller number of clients. In the past, it was even very common for most of the larger companies to create their own packaging for their products, but that was in a time when the competition for packaging was much lower. Today’s market demands that packaging be given more attention than the average company is able to give. The best product packaging is done by smaller agencies that do nothing else but design excellent packaging.





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