Why use clamshell packaging design

Clamshell packaging is a type of clear product packaging made of two hinged halves of a plastic shell.   It is designed to secure the product that is enclosed within its heat sealed edges.  Clamshells can be custom molded to the contours of an item, or be used as a clear plastic container that holds a number of small loose pieces together.  Clamshell packages can be displayed in a variety of ways.  You can hang it from a hook, have it stand alone on a shelf, or sit the packaging upright within a display or club store pallet.

This type of retail packaging design is an especially effective packaging option for heavy products, or items, like electronics, that tend to be a target for theft.  This due to the fact that this type of packaging tends to be much bigger than the product contained within it. Therefore, while the product itself might easily be slipped into a pocket without the packaging, with it, it now will not fit or will stand out like a sore thumb.  Moreover, the packaging is nearly impossible to open without a sharp tool.  This makes it so that small but valuable items can be sold more safely out in the open.

Another advantage to clamshell packaging is that the product can be seen from all angles because clamshell packaging is usually made using crystal-clear PVC.  Therefore, shelf appeal is maximized.  Additionally, if you choose custom clamshells, then there is little wasted space both inside the container and on the shelf or display area.  The efficient use of space also means that the retail packaging is no bulkier than necessary and as mentioned above, this makes it easier to hang and display in a retail environment.

Clamshell containers not only save space, they can also save money.  This is due to the fact that they are made from a single-piece construction and because this type of package can be thermoformed using a single tool.  Therefore, the company saves money and simplifies both the production and purchasing processes.

There are two types of clamshell containers, they are custom and stock.  While custom clamshells are more expensive, they separate your product from all the others and help to take your product to the next level because they are shaped to your specific product and highlight what is so great about it.

Clamshell packaging is best for non-food items that do not have to meet any special packaging regulations.  Your product can be accompanied by a cardboard or paper insert that is placed inside and is filled with product information and marketing material.

A product placed in a clamshell package is not only protected from theft, it is also protected from damage and tends to make the consumer feel as if the product is worth more than it really is.  Just be careful that your product does not look exactly like a similar product that may be sold in the same stores as your product.


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